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Meet Dr. Pasch

Providing world-class dentistry and improving my patients’ dental function, health, and aesthetics is extremely fulfilling, both on a personal and a professional level. Even after practicing dentistry for 31 years, each day continues to be unique because each case and every patient is unique. Practicing in the heart of the “melting pot of the world”, I’ve met and have come to know many people from all corners of the globe and have had cultural exchanges from a unique cross section of New Yorkers, all of whom enrich me personally.

Education and Experience

I completed my undergraduate education at Brandeis University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology in 1978. I earned my Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1981 from New York University College of Dentistry. While my formal education is complete, my thirst for knowledge is never ending. I attend numerous forms of continuing education every year and I am always incorporating new and improved advanced dental equipment, materials and techniques to improve patient care and satisfaction.

In the Community

I work in association with Donated Dental Services, a program for disadvantaged people with dental needs that have neither the financial resources nor public assistance for their dental care. The smiles and grateful responses I receive from these patients are the warmest and most sincere of all, sometimes even accompanied by tears of joy upon completion of their care. These add to some of my fondest memories from my years of practice.

Outside the Office

While I may be passionate about my Green Bay Packers and, over the past 30 years of establishing Herald Square Dental as one of New York City’s premier dental offices, my practice is of great importance to me however, the reality is that I am most passionate about my family. Both my wife, Joan and myself come from very close families and we are the proud parents of three grown young men, James, Joshua, and Lucas, and our wonderful dog, Riggs. Although little league baseball, recreation league basketball, Jazz band, and forensics has faded into spirited debates about politics and our beloved NY Mets, it is always with love, warmth, and passion. My hobbies of hiking and traveling would be empty if I were not sharing those with the one I am most passionate about, my wife Joanie!

Meet Dr. Yam

I chose to go into dentistry because I am able to improve my patients’ lives both physically and emotionally. My passion professionally is working with patients who are embarrassed by their smile or are frustrated with the condition of their teeth. It is so exciting to see the confidence and satisfaction my patients have when their treatment is completed, and it is what makes me look forward to work every morning. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a positive change in people and being a dentist allows me to reap those rewards every single day.

In the Community

Being active in my community is not only personally rewarding, but it helps to strengthen the area and inspires action in those around us to do good as well. I provide volunteer dental services for Donated Dental Services, participated in dental outreach on the Island of Jamaica, and raised funds for Make a Wish by running the NYC Marathon in 2011.

Outside the Office

Being active in my community is not only personally rewarding, but it helps to strengthen the area and inspires action in those around us to do good as well. I provide volunteer dental services for Donated Dental Services, participated in dental outreach on the Island of Jamaica, and raised funds for Make-A-Wish by running the NYC Marathon in 2011. I continue to race to help raise awareness and funds for various charitable causes.

I was born and raised in New York City, growing up in Flushing, Queens and graduating from Stuyvesant High School. I am passionate about being the best person, friend, husband, and father I can be. My wife and I have three wonderful children and much of my free time is spent with them. When I get the chance, I do enjoy reading, snowboarding, scuba diving, and photography, and am a current member of the Joyful Cycles Triathlon team.

Meet Dr. Shirzadnia

My true passion in my profession is to continuously learn new advances to enable myself to comprehensively correct my patients’ oral health, both functionally and cosmetically, to help improve their lives. As far back as I can remember I enjoyed learning how things worked and was fascinated with the human body and how it functions. Combining these two passions led me to the dental profession, and I can’t imagine a better way to find personal and professional fulfillment than by practicing dentistry.

I continue my education through numerous resources, learning and mastering the most recent advancements in all techniques, materials, and disciplines in the dental field. I believe continuous learning is one of my most important responsibilities in order to administer the best possible dental care, now and throughout my career.

In the Community

I strongly believe in helping those less fortunate; improving my surroundings and giving back to my fellow human beings is what makes me human. To that end, I am very involved volunteer with numerous non-profit and community-focused organizations in the area.

Outside the Office

I was born in the very beautiful city of Shiraz in Iran and I immigrated to the US as a teenager. I live in East Hill, New York and I am proud father to Michelle, an adventurous child, an avid figure skater and, my constant source of joy! I am also very fortunate to have my extended family nearby and we spend quite a bit of time together. My free time is spent reading, playing music, woodworking, and fixing anything and everything around the house, whether it’s plumbing, electrical, or anything in between. I also enjoy studying philosophy, human psychology, human behavior, and donating time to the communtiy center in my town.

Meet Dr. McCall

“I practice precision dentistry with expertise in all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry with particular pride in my skill with endodontics (root canal therapy); to ease someone’s dental pain almost instantly is deeply rewarding. My patients appreciate my ability to administer dentistry without fear or discomfort. Furthermore, I am dedicated to helping improve lives by inspiring self confidence through improving your natural smile and helping you to maintain good oral health in general. I am a proud graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine- Cum Laude 2015 and, I completed my General Dentistry Residency at Jacobi Medical Center in New York in 2016 and I’m a proud member of the caring team here at Herald Square Dental and the Denture Center, helping people one smile at a time.”

Smile with Confidence!

In the Community:

I strongly believe in giving back to the community and paying it forward. I have gone on several mission trips throughout my education and career and I believe there is no greater way to true fulfillment than by serving the less fortunate. I’m also an animal lover and volunteer for the ASPCA.

Outside the Office :

I was born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany. My mother, an Ecuadorean Native and my German father have instilled a great appreciation of different cultures and diversity in me. I am fluent in Spanish and German and English. My multicultural upbringing ignited fervor in me to travel and I have traveled to over 40 countries together with my family and close friends. Despite traveling the world, my home is here in the Big Apple; I like to explore what NYC has to offer being dining out, going for a run through Central Park or exploring hiking trails upstate. I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my sister and my nieces around NYC.

Office Manager

Nina makes sure everything in our office runs smoothly from day to day, whether she is performing quality assurance, public relations, treatment plan presentations, scheduling, negotiating insurance coverage on behalf of individual patients, or delegating daily responsibilities to assure continuity of care. Nina loves seeing a satisfied and happy patient check out upon completion of their treatment and knowing that she’d helped contribute to their well-being. When she’s at home, Nina loves reading books and cooking pastries with her daughter, Michelle!


Insurance Coordinator

Gladi joined Herald Square Dental in 2010 after earning her degree in Actuarial Science from Baruch. She verifies dental benefits and submits claims to dental insurance companies on behalf of our patients, prepares treatment breakdowns for patients, and advises them of their options with regard to their respective benefit plan. Gladi’s passion is math and she enjoys its application in life and her work.


Patient Care & IT Coordinator

In addition to scheduling and confirming our patients’ appointments and keeping all their records up-to-date, Lori is also responsible for updating all our practice management software, maintaining our electronic and digital equipment, and reaching out to the community through hospital and outpatient events with regard to essential dental care. Lori originally joined our office in 2002 as a dental assistant, helping primarily with oral surgery and implant care, and transitioned into her current role in 2003. At home, Lori has three daughters, a cat, two turtles, and a goldfish to keep her busy.


Senior Patient Care Coordinator

Fran is involved in many aspects of our patients’ experience, from welcoming them into our office since 2003 with a warm smile to answering questions regarding their dental care and assisting with payment plans as needed. She also makes sure our reception area is stocked with tasty hot and cold beverages and fresh fruit for our patients to enjoy. Fran’s entire day is dedicated to making our patients feel good about choosing our office to receive their dental care. When Fran’s at home, she loves entertaining guests, cooking, and shopping. She also sings and enjoys fellowship at her church.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Paola originally began working at Herald Square Dental as a dental assistant, helping our dentists and patients with diverse treatment plans including dental implants in 2004. From there, she transitioned into a senior patient care coordinator and finally as a registered dental hygienist in 2009. In addition to administering preventive dental care, Paola also provides patient education to raise awareness about disease prevention and treatment. She enjoys meeting new people each day and listening to their needs, both as a person and as a patient. At home, Paola is a caring and nurturing person and mother.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Alicia graduated as a dentist with her Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1987 from the National University of Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina. She practiced general dentistry there until immigrating to the US in 1996. She joined our office in 2004 as a dental assistant and completed her dental hygiene training in 2011. At Herald Square Dental, Alicia provides hygiene care to all patients with an individualized approach that is kind, empathetic, and caring. She enjoys building relationships with her patients and has dedicated most of her adult life to providing them with quality care with a gentle touch.


Senior Dental Assistant

George joined our team in 2004 bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the dental field. He assists in all aspects of dental care including orthodontics and implantology, and also orders all our dental supplies and manages our office’s dental equipment. George is a true people person who enjoys helping others, interacting with patients, and contributing to their overall health and well-being. When he’s not in the office, George enjoys home improvement projects, antique hunting and restoration, watching movies, cooking, and going to the theater.


Senior Dental Assistant

Rosemary plays an integral role in our office, helping our dentists with a variety of procedures and our patient care coordinators on a regular basis as well with following up with patient care needs. She helps anywhere and everywhere she is needed throughout the day. Rosemary loves working at Herald Square Dental and gives all she has to best serve the needs of our patients. In her free time, Rosemary enjoys visiting her extended family, swimming, and taking long breezy walks in the park with Leroy and Gavin.


Dental Assistant

Charmaine can be found working alongside our doctors during patients' treatment or greeting and seating patients as they come into the office. A new member of our team, Charmaine has fit in well at Herald Square Dental because of her relaxed, comforting attitude. She began her career as a dental assistant in 1991, so she is very sensitive to her patients' needs and thorough in providing answers to whatever questions they may ask regarding treatment. Charmaine is a mother to a teenage son and enjoys listening to R&B oldies. She gives her personal time on the weekends when she is called to work with the military service for soldiers who will be deployed. She also enjoys dancing and cooking West Indian food.


Dental Assistant

Crystal joined our team in 2005 as a graduate of New York School of Medical and Dental Assisting. As one of the oldest team members she has always been kind hearted and loved by everyone for her cheerful attitude and caring disposition. In her free time she relaxes at home with her four children and continues her studies in Health Administration. Her hobbies are writing, cooking, and music.


Patient Care Coordinator

I joined Herald Square Dental in 2006 as a part time receptionist and patient care coordinator. Some of my responsibilities include: appointment confirming and scheduling, treatment plan presentations, phone and financial assistance and treatment care follow up. The position at Herald Square Dental matched my interests, gave me new insight into the field, and made me understand the most important aspect of our jobs: helping people live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Over the years, I had the opportunity to practice and improve my communication skills, and participate in collaborative team work and problem solving with colleagues, insurance companies and referral offices. At Herald Square Dental, among other things, I enjoy the challenge of working with a culturally sensitive team of doctors and staff members, which is probably the key element in meeting the needs of our diverse background patients.

Beside dentistry, I am interested and fascinated by food and health, and I spend time reading literature, experimenting with different ways of dieting, noticing their effect and looking for the best ones.

Dahiana began working with our patient care team in February of 2016. She began her work here as a dental assistant until she was transitioned to the front desk as a patient coordinator and then she was quickly promoted to team manager. She is a graduate of dental school in the Dominican Republic; After running her own practice for four years in the DR, she became engaged and she and her betrothed moved to NYC. We are elated to Dahiana here with us. Her genuine smile and pleasant demeanor is uplifting to our team, as well as to our patients.

Outside of work, Dahiana loves to spend time with her husband and her family, so every time she has an opportunity she goes back to the Dominican Republic to visit her family, she does. She also loves to eat junk food and dance salsa.

Mariely, or Mely, as we call her, loves working with people and believes that her purpose is to give them her personal best, every day. She believes that every day is a new day and a chance to better herself in everything she does. It is very rewarding for her to see a patient’s excitement when treatment is complete; they smile with newfound confidence that she helped create. Her extended family spends a great deal of time together and she also really enjoys outings with her dog in the park and is fascinated with cooking and interior design.

Madina is originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and has been working in the dental field since 2009. As one of the dental assistants at Herald Square Dental & The Denture Center, her goal is to provide a gentle and caring touch and create an overall pleasant experience for each one of our patients. Madina enjoys the dental industry for the professional knowledge and personal relationship building. She is a team player and a hard worker.

A lot of her free time she spends by reading books, meeting with friends and cycling around the city. She also enjoys photography, especially taking pictures of New York’s beauty where she moved in 2016.

Ieva Dzelzite

Originally from Latvia, Ieva graduated from Latvian Medical College in 2011 as a certified dental assistant. In late 2011 she moved to London, UK. During her time in London, she gained very diverse experience with a wide range of dental procedures. In 2017 Ieva moved to New York and joined our team at Herald Square Dental. She is really passionate about patient care as well enjoying all elements of aesthetic dentistry. For Ieva there is nothing more important than to see that our patients expectations are met and that they have new reasons to smile!

Outside of work, Ieva loves active life. As an ex-basketball player, she actively participates in running, yoga as well as taking a long hikes in the mountains with her husband. Her ideal vacation entails a blend of outdoor activities, local food tasting and relaxation by the nature.

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