What Are Partial Dentures?

partial dentures can be an option

Quality Affordable Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are custom created for you to replace some teeth as opposed to replacing an entire upper or lower set of teeth.  Your partial denture is designed specifically to meet your needs and can replace one or more missing teeth.

When you have even one tooth that is missing or in need of repair, it can affect your speech, limit your ability to eat what you enjoy, and even how you feel about yourself.   New York dentures dentists Dr. Pasch, Dr. Yam and Dr. Shirzadnia are experienced with a full range of prosthodontics services to improve your appearance and your dental function.

Our in-house lab enables us to make  comfortable and great looking- metal free,  partial dentures the same day. Some partial dentures use metal and acrylic composition.  A person’s specific dental needs and anatomy dictate the design of the partial denture recommended in each instance.

Drs. Pasch, Yam or Shirzadnia will design your partial denture so that the chewing forces are distributed over the entire surface of the remaining teeth and soft tissues.  Changes to your remaining teeth may be recommended to help equalize these forces.

As previously stated, sometimes partial dentures with metal framework or partials dentures with both metal and flexible material are preferred for specific anatomical needs based on existing dentition.  Drs. Pasch, Yam and Shirzadnia will consult with you to determine the appropriate partial or partials for your situation.   We will work with you personally to make sure your new dentures fit well, enabling you to eat what you want and resume your normal life.

Flexible Partial Dentures

Another type of partial denture is a Flexible or Flexi denture and many patients consider it the most comfortable option.


  1. Improved Comfort.
  2. Improved Aethetics as there are no visible Metal clasps thereby creating a very natural and beautiful result and increased confidence.
  3. Greater durability as they are more fracture resistant that the more rigid acrylic.
  4. Like other partials they may also be relined and can have teeth added or replaced overtime.
  5. Flexible or Flexi dentures combine affordability and great aesthetics, a winning combination.

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