Fixed Denture Conversion

Dental implants are preferred by many people when considering ways to replace missing teeth, but for some, it has been too expensive in the past. Others are concerned about how invasive the procedure might be for a full arch permanent prosthetic and do not want to devote additional months to the process. Some individuals decide an implant-supported, removable denture may blend the benefits of implants with the lower cost of a removable denture. While this works for some patients, others feel as though they may have settled for a less optimal plan than they wanted.

We are proud to offer a new option that combines the best of implant dentistry and dentures. This minimally invasive technique converts your implant supported overdentures to a fixed arch without additional surgery. It is an affordable, pain-free way to move from a removable snap on denture to a fixed arch of replacement teeth without months of healing and waiting for your permanent replacement teeth.

The New Option: Fixed Denture Conversion

In the past, patients were unable to switch to a fixed arch because the attachments and material wasn’t yet invented to convert an overdenture to a permanent one.

With the advent of this new locator procedure and attachments a fixed denture conversion is now an amazingly possible. The same implants used to support a removable denture can support a permanent, fixed arch. This proprietary technique uses Zest Dental Solutions’ Locator Fixed™ dental conversion system.

Why You Will Love Locator Fixed Denture Conversions

There are many reasons to consider having your current snap-in denture changed to an even more comfortable and convenient fixed complete denture, including:

  • A slimmer, more attractive denture
  • A more natural-looking gum line
  • No need to remove your dentures for cleaning and sleeping
  • No more issues with slipping dentures due to loosened attachments
  • No need to reline the denture every few years
  • The roof of the mouth is not covered, so you can taste more fully and can sense hot and cold better (the roof of the mouth was already uncovered with an implant supported upper denture).
  • Costs less than getting traditional fixed full arch implants
  • No additional surgery is needed, reducing the risk of complications and helping to avoid time constraints
  • Less time in our office and more time to enjoy life

We Are Zest Certified Master in Locator Fixed™ Denture Conversion

The Zest Locator Fixed dental conversion process transforms your snap-in dentures into permanent, fixed implant dentures that function like your natural teeth and do not have to be removed for cleaning. The attachment system used for snap-in dentures is modified to accept permanent dentures or prosthetics. You do not have to have your current implants removed or undergo additional invasive surgery. In many situations, we can modify your snap-in denture to a fully fixed version to save you the cost of a new set of permanent dentures.

Learn More About Locator Fixed™ Dentures

If you have been wearing snap-in dentures but want to learn more about fixed denture conversion, Dr. Shirzadnia, a certified Zest Master, can evaluate your dental implants and dentures at an initial consultation. We are confident you will appreciate the chance to switch to a permanent, easy-care solution without additional surgery and in far less time. Fixed denture conversion saves you time, money, and the need for another invasive surgical procedure.

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