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Lower Implant Dentures Do Away With Traditional Denture Frustrations

If you’re like many people with traditional dentures, you started with the best intentions. You were happy with your dental restoration and fully intended to wear your dentures every day. After all, who doesn’t want a full set of teeth? But over time, you discovered that traditional dentures for your lower jaw weren’t the perfect solution you’d hoped for.

The Problem with Lower Dentures

Traditional dentures are professionally designed and fabricated to fit over the jawbone ridge and, if done correctly, can be comfortable for many people. For others, however, they just don’t fit quite right, or they never become comfortable. Some problems individuals run into with lower dentures include:

  • Long adjustment times getting used to the denture, which fits over the gums and can interfere with the tongue.
  • The tendency of the lower denture to slip and shift because it doesn’t suction into place on the gums.
  • Irritation and sore spots on the delicate gum tissue due to rubbing or food debris caught beneath the denture.
  • Having to periodically get lower dentures refitted because the jawbone ridge resorbs or deteriorates due to lack of stimulation because of missing teeth.

Have You Stopped Wearing Your Lower Dentures?

You are not alone if you’ve stopped wearing your lower dentures after months of trying to get used to them. You may only wear them for special occasions or have given up on them entirely. Unfortunately, there are consequences to going without lower dentures. Bone deterioration may accelerate, your face appears more hollow, and you trade the discomfort of dentures with the inability to eat certain foods.

Lower Implant Dentures are the Solution

The Denture Center understands that some of our patients never get used to traditional lower dentures, so we offer implant supported dentures for the lower jaw. Lower implant dentures solve all the potential problems experienced with adjusting to and wearing conventional dentures that sit on top of the gums.

Lower implant dentures are permanently attached to dental implants surgically placed in the jawbone to provide stable support for the arch of replacement teeth. The implant dentures can either be permanently attached using abutments or snap onto bars or balls so that they can be removed for cleaning.

Both options result in lower dentures that do not shift, move, or irritate the gums. You can eat anything you like without worrying about debris getting caught under lower implant dentures, and you do not have to remove them at night. In fact, they look, function, and feel like your natural teeth. Because lower implant dentures are precisely fitted and fastened to implants, they do not interfere with your tongue and are less bulky for greater comfort.

If you have stopped wearing your lower denture because it is uncomfortable or annoying, don’t resign yourself to going without teeth. Lower implant dentures can give you back a complete set of functional, attractive lower teeth without the hassle, discomfort, or disappointment of traditional dentures.

To learn more about how lower implant dentures can replace your traditional denture and improve your oral health, schedule an appointment with one of our dental implant specialists.
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We Offer All Patients Accessibility to Dental Care

At The Denture Center, we believe access to dental care is a right, not a privilege. We do not want anyone, regardless of their physical limitations or need for mobility assistance, to forego dental care. That is why our office is designed to ensure every visitor can navigate the waiting room, office, restrooms and operatories comfortably and get the care they deserve with dignity and ease.

Our Mobility Accommodations Include:

  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Oversized, handicap-accessible bathrooms
  • Oversized, handicap-accessible elevators
  • A handicap-accessible operatory with a dental chair designed for ease of transfer.
  • Gentle care for those with head and neck issues and those that have undergone head and neck surgery.
  • Compassionate, gentle care from every team member and dentist.

Empathy and Understanding

When you live with mobility issues, it can seem like the world was designed without regard for your challenges. Our dentists and our team understand the obstacles some of our patients have to overcome on a day-to-day basis. We take the time to listen, assist when necessary, and respond appropriately to any problems that might arise. Appointments are scheduled to accommodate our patients’ needs, ensuring plenty of time with our dental professionals and providing any accommodation requested for comfort.

Don’t delay caring for your oral health because you have mobility issues and worry about accessibility. Our midtown office is accessible, and our dental care team is compassionate and gentle. We are available to assist you in any way we can throughout your dental treatment.

If you need special planning or unique treatment options, we invite you to contact us at The Denture Center Phone Number 212-256-9978 to discuss how we can provide you with the dental care you need in a dignified, supportive environment. At The Denture Center, when we say it’s all about the patient, we mean EVERY patient. We look forward to meeting you!

Catching Up On Deferred Denture Care

Don’t Neglect Dentures or Bridges

You’ve been running around for the holidays, shopping, baking, making reservations, wrapping gifts, catching up with friends, and so much more. Somewhere in all that rushing around, you probably noticed that your dentures were becoming uncomfortable. You may have put off a dental checkup because you didn’t have the time. Now that the holidays are over, take some time to schedule a denture checkup and make sure everything is in top shape.

Removable Dental Prosthetics Need Regular Care

It’s time to catch up on your denture care so that minor dental issues can be addressed before they become major problems. At The Denture Center, our dentists perform complete dental exams, including the jawbone, bony ridge, and soft tissues, to make sure your denture or dental bridge isn’t rubbing against sensitive tissue, leading to sore spots or inflammation. These sore spots usually indicate that the fit of your dental prosthetic or denture, must be adjusted to fit correctly.

What Happens if You Ignore Your Dentures

If you put off fixing your dentures or bridges, you may have severe problems beneath them. Dentures don’t get cavities, but you can get an infection of the gums beneath them, contact sores where they rub against the gums, or even gum disease.

Dentures typically last several years. Because you wear them all day and use them for eating, speaking, and chewing, they do in fact, wear out. The denture may warp or become misaligned as the artificial teeth wear down, leading to slipping, clicking, or discomfort. It would help if you had them checked regularly (annually) at our office to ensure they do not need to be repaired or relined.

A Cautionary Tale of DIY Fixes

Please do not attempt DIY denture repair with either glue or OTC denture repair kit unless you are a dentist or a denture technician.

Most often the glue or the OTC acrylic kit spreads the pieces apart so that then the pieces will no longer match and therefore, render the denture non-repairable afterward. When this happens, they will then need to be replaced rather than being able to be professionally repaired. We can accommodate denture emergencies for repair 6 days per week.

Just call and the team will usually say. ”How soon can you get here?”

Treatment Plans for Your Time and Budget

With the holidays just ending, your budget may be tight for the next few months. Don’t let that stop you from seeing one of our dentists if you have a dental issue such as loose or uncomfortable dentures. At The Denture Center, we work with our patients’ schedules and budgets to develop a treatment plan that is manageable and affordable. We’ll address the most urgent problems immediately and then create a plan for treating other issues on a schedule that fits your budget and time constraints.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Now it’s time to take care of YOU by making an appointment at The Denture Center to have your dentures or dental crowns cleaned, checked, and repaired for a beautiful natural looking, functional, and comfortable smile!

To schedule an appointment to have your dentures or dental bridge examined and repaired, please get in touch with us!
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The Denture Center: Convenient Same Day Dental Repairs in NYC

If you currently have dentures or if you need new teeth or replacement teeth, we are well known as “New York’s Place for Quality Same Day Dentures.” We’ve been designing, crafting, and repairing custom-fitted dentures since 1977 for our patients in and around the Greater New York Area and the New York Metropolitan area, including Midtown Manhattan, Manhattan, Central Park South, Central Park West, Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.

A Single Location for All Your Denture Care Needs

The Denture Center is your one-stop shop for all things denture-related. Whether you need relines, repairs, or adjustments, our in-office dental lab ensures you will avoid long wait times. Instead of sending your dentures to an outside lab, waiting for their return, and hoping they will fit properly, we can repair your dentures and adjust their fit in a single appointment.
You can get the care you need without the inconvenience of having to wait and then return for an additional appointment. You don’t have to put off getting your dentures repaired or adjusted because you have a hectic life – we work around your schedule by appointment, with repairs and relines While-U-Wait!

Same-Day Denture Repairs and Affordable Options

We understand the urgency that often accompanies denture issues. That’s why The Denture Center offers expedited care, ensuring you can quickly return to enjoying life with a confident smile. Call us immediately if you break your dentures or lose one of your teeth. We can usually see you the same day and fix your dentures While-U-Wait. So don’t fret if your daughter is getting married tomorrow or you have an important meeting this week. We’ll have your dentures repaired in no time using our on-site professional lab.

We believe that quality denture care should be accessible to everyone, so we offer affordable options without compromising our standard of service. Whether you choose top-of-the-line dentures with porcelain replacement teeth or custom acrylic dentures, flexi partial dentures, dentures with metal framework, flexi-frame dentures or dentures that clip into your dental implants(overdentures), we offer treatment options to fit your budget. You will receive the same exceptional level of care and compassion regardless of the option that best suits your needs. Furthermore, we offer assistance with Care Credit applications if you feel that a payment plan affords you more options.

Convenient Access by Public Transportation

The Denture Center is near subway and bus lines and easily accessible to all New Yorkers. Our central location makes it easier to schedule an appointment at a time that suits you. With The Denture Center being just a short commute away, you may schedule your appointment conveniently so you may be seen during a work break for a repair or a reline if your denture is broken or too loose.

Respecting Your Dignity

We understand that seeking denture services can be a sensitive matter. The dentists at The Denture Center understand and treat every patient with compassion and dignity. Our team is committed to creating a non-judgmental and welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable discussing your needs and concerns. We’re here to support you on your journey to optimal oral health, regardless of the condition of your dentures or teeth. Even if it’s been years since you’ve been to the dentist, you’ll discover judgment-free care and support at The Denture Center.

Efficient Time Management

Time is valuable, and we respect yours. The Denture Center is committed to managing our time efficiently, so your time isn’t wasted. Our patients have busy schedules, and we strive to provide prompt and effective care without unnecessary delays.

You can find us in the heart of Herald Square, around the corner from Madison Square Garden, just a few minutes from city bus and Subway stops, including the 8th Ave. line (ACE),6th Ave. (BDF), and Broadway lines (NQR). The NJ transit @ New York Penn Station & Metro North @ Grand Central will also get within a stone’s throw of our location. Call us today at The Denture Center Phone Number 212-256-9978 to schedule a free consultation.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for denture repair or replacement, please call our office.

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Dr. Kim’s Nuptials

Congratulations and welcome back to our very own Dr. Kim and her husband, Alex. We wish them a lifetime of good health and great joy!

Miracle On 35th Street

Feel Better and Look Great

Enjoy eating the foods you love, speak clearly, laugh often, and smile with confidence.

The renowned dentists at The Denture Center will help you restore your dental function today. When it comes to your smile, experience counts. Well-known for their warm and caring approach in addition to the precise quality care that is their hallmark, patients have relied upon them for all aspects of dental care for more than 45 years. They are leaders in implant dentistry.

If you are missing one or more teeth, The Denture Center’s mission is to provide you with the treatment options to restore your healthy smile.

Same Day Results So You Can Keep On Smiling

The Denture Center features an onsite modern laboratory where we can fabricate custom dentures and do repairs and relines the same day, While-U-Wait. That eliminates the long, uncomfortable waiting between fittings.

If you need premium dentures, extractions and immediate dentures, or implant-supported dentures, you can expect immediate and amazing results.

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2023 End-Of-Year Benefits Reminder

Hold on, don’t let your end-of-year benefits go to waste!

Fall is upon us again and as we progress towards the end of the year, we would like to remind you to take advantage of any dental insurance benefits or Flexible Spending benefits that you may have left before they expire!

Your dental health is our number one priority and while treatment is never dictated by insurance benefits, if you have treatment that you have not scheduled, or are experiencing any dental concerns at all — now is a great time to come in and take advantage of any dental benefits you may have available! In addition to the dental benefit that you may have, you can also use your Visa FSA and MC FSA account; we also accept the CareCredit healthcare credit card to help you manage any additional costs.

With CareCredit, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Special financing options
  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Credit decision received almost immediately (subject to credit approval)

We are happy to discuss with you your dental insurance benefits, any incomplete treatment and the financing options with CareCredit. Please call the office at The Denture Center Phone Number 212-256-9978 and our team will go over any details or questions with you.

Just call or text us at our office phone number, or click the button below, to schedule an appointment. Our schedule is filling up fast, don’t miss your opportunity to use your dental benefits this year!

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Take Advantage Now!

Use your benefits before they expire and schedule your appointment today.

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Denture Repairs During the Holidays

Even the sturdiest dentures can break at unexpected and inconvenient times. If your denture breaks or cracks during the upcoming holiday season, getting it fixed as quickly as possible is crucial to enjoying your time with family and friends. At The Denture Center in NYC, we are open six days a week with extended hours to make denture repairs convenient any time of year.

Call Our Office

The first step any time your denture breaks is to contact our office. We try to see our patients the same day or the next. Our in-house lab can reline and repair your dentures While-U-Wait, or you can drop them off, do a bit of holiday shopping, and return to pick them up later in the day. We know you’re busy, and we respect your time.

Forget About DIY

It’s tempting to do a quick fix with items you have around the house, but most DIY repairs cause significant problems and may render your denture, unrepairable. Unless you are a dentist, trying to repair your dentures can cause them to warp or twist them out of alignment. Damage caused by using super glue or other home remedies may not be correctable. Super glue is also toxic and can be ingested if used on dentures. You will likely end up with dentures that can no longer be professionally repaired due to new distortion at the fracture site from trying to glue or re-glue a tooth or a crack. As a result, you will have to replace the denture rather than have it repaired.

If your dentures break or crack during the holiday season, the dentists at The Denture Center in NYC can help. We reserve time for emergency repairs throughout the year; holidays are no exception. Call us at The Denture Center Phone Number 212-256-9978 to schedule your appointment, and you’ll soon be enjoying your favorite holiday treats with secure, beautiful dentures.

Got Broken Dentures?

Contact us today to schedule your denture repair and return a smile to your face!

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Adding Teeth to Existing Dentures While-U-Wait

There are two different reasons for adding teeth to existing dentures. If you lose an artificial tooth from your existing dentures, we can often place a new tooth in the existing denture. Some patients with partial dentures may need a tooth added when a remaining natural tooth is lost. Whether a tooth can be added to your current denture depends on several factors.

Natural Tooth Loss

If you are currently wearing dentures but have lost a natural tooth, there are some instances when we can add a replacement to your existing denture. However, it may be more cost-effective to have a new set of teeth made. After looking at your current dentures, we can determine which option is best. We consider the denture materials, the position of the replacement tooth, and the shape and location of any remaining natural teeth.

Dentures made from cast metal or acrylic can accommodate a new tooth. The process is more difficult with a metal denture. Acrylic dentures can easily accommodate a new tooth by adding additional acrylic to support the new tooth.

Adding a new tooth to an existing denture is only possible if the missing tooth is adjacent to the location of the current partial denture. If there is a gap between the denture and the missing tooth, it is best to have a new denture made.

Our doctors and dental technicians also consider the condition of any remaining teeth. Although you may only need to replace one tooth now, you may need to replace additional teeth shortly. If you will need other teeth restored, a new denture is the best option.

Broken or Lost Denture Tooth

Occasionally, a patient breaks off or loses a replacement tooth that was part of their current denture. Because the space for the tooth is already there and the denture was designed for it, we can replace the missing restoration with a new one placed in your current denture. Our dental lab can repair a broken denture or replace the missing tooth While-U-Wait. You do not have to wait or go without.

When is Denture Replacement the Best Option?

If your denture is at least four years old, we may suggest replacing the denture rather than adding a new tooth. Over time, the anatomy of your mouth changes, affecting the fit of your dentures. We recommend replacing your dentures every four to six years to ensure proper fit, so replacement may be the best option if your dentures are worn out or do not fit well.

Can I Add More Teeth To My Denture?

If you want to know whether your dentures can accommodate the addition of another tooth, our dentists can help. We offer free consultations at our NYC Denture Center.

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Can I Replace All My Teeth With Dental Implants in 2023?

Yes, it is possible to replace all your teeth with dental implants, but there are several factors to consider before making this decision. Dental implants are a common and effective way to replace missing teeth, but the feasibility of replacing all your teeth with implants depends on a variety of factors, including your oral health, bone density, budget, and overall health. Here are some important points to consider:

Oral Health

Your oral health is a crucial factor in determining whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants. Your gums and jawbone must be healthy enough to support the implants. If you have issues such as gum disease or significant bone loss, you might need additional treatments before implant placement.

Bone Density

Dental implants rely on a strong and healthy jawbone to provide stability and support. If your bone density is insufficient, bone grafting or other procedures may be required to build up the bone before implant placement.


Dental implants can be expensive, especially if you are considering replacing all your teeth. The cost can vary depending on the number of implants needed, any additional treatments required, and the location of the dental practice. We can review costs with you and suggest options that fit within your budget.

Overall Health

Your general health plays a role in your candidacy for dental implants. Certain medical conditions and medications can affect the success of the implant procedure. We evaluate your overall health before recommending dental implants.

Treatment Timeline

The process of replacing all your teeth with dental implants is not immediate. It typically involves multiple stages, including implant placement, healing, and attachment of the crowns. If you choose individual implants for every tooth, the implant placement and healing time will be longer. While you can go this route, there are more practical solutions.

Options for Replacing All Your Teeth with Dental Implants

All-On-X Dental Implants

All-On-X implants support a full arch of replacement teeth on between four and eight implants. The All-On-X procedure can be used to replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Some patients can get their replacement teeth on the same day as the implant placement. We can help determine whether teeth-in-a-day are appropriate.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Implant dentures are similar to traditional dentures but are secured to between two and six implants that permanently fix the prosthetic on your jawbone. This supports your full bite forces and eliminates slipping and shifting of the denture.

Upper Jaw

An implant-supported upper arch is more comfortable than a removable denture because it securely holds the prosthesis in place while you speak and chew. The upper jawbone is softer and more sensitive to hot and cold than the lower jawbone. An implant-supported arch does not impede your sensitivity to food and beverage temperature.

Lower Jaw

Many patients find removable dentures on their lower jaw to cause discomfort because there is no palate on the lower jaw and, therefore, no suction to hold the denture in place. Instead, an implant-supported lower denture has a more natural feeling, aesthetic, and function. Best of all, the implants support your bite force so that you can return to a restriction-free diet.

Bone Resorption & Grafting

For a dental implant placement to be successful, there must be sufficient bone mass in the spot where the implant is going. Healthy bones continuously go through resorption and ossification, removing old bone and adding new bone (respectively). When you lose a tooth, your jawbone begins resorption, but ossification stops. If a tooth stays missing, the bone resorption can decrease your jawbone’s mass by 25% in the first year.

When there isn’t sufficient bone mass or support from the jawbone to place an implant, bone grafting or APRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) is essential. This provides new support for the implant where resorption has taken place by increasing the bone mass with bone from another source. In a single-tooth implant procedure, jawbone grafting is common, but the same is not true for full-mouth implant tooth replacements.

Snap-On Dentures

Snap-on dentures are similar to implant-retained dentures but are removable for cleaning and sleeping. It is easy to snap it in and out of the mouth but fits securely. The implants also stimulate the jaw for healthy bone growth.

What Option is Best for You?

If you are not sure which option is best for you to replace all missing teeth, you aren’t alone. The various types of dental implants can be confusing. An appointment with one of our specialists at The Denture Center is the first step in determining what kind of implants are best suited to your needs, preferences, and overall health.

Enjoy A Free Dental Implants Consultation

Contact The Denture Center to arrange for a free consultation to learn more about how you can replace all your teeth with dental implants.

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