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Busting The Top 4 Temporary Denture Myths

It is cringe worthy when we hear the term “temporary denture” because it implies that a denture fabricated for immediate placement after tooth loss is uncomfortable, unattractive, and of poor quality.

Myth #1 – Quality Questions

At The Denture Center, we custom craft immediate dentures using the best material and attention to detail that is synonymous with quality. Because our dental practice features an in-house lab, we have been custom fabricating immediate dentures since our inception in 1977. Herald Square Dental and The Denture Center presents each individual patient with an immediate denture that fits well and recreates their natural smile. We always use the material, craftsmanship and detail that we are so well known for, when creating your immediate and sometimes inaccurately termed, “temporary denture”.

Myth #2 – Comfort Concerns

Our custom, quality immediate dentures are not really “temporary” dentures but you may experience significant gum shrinkage over the course of a year if you have undergone multiple extractions. Then it may require either a reline or replacement. Our immediate dentures are not designed before your teeth are extracted as they are at most dental offices. Our technique will allow you to go home with fully functional dentures the same day we extract teeth. Our expert cosmetic dentists and our in-house lab are what set us apart. You can enjoy your comfortable, new dentures the same day. Your beautiful immediate denture will allow you to avoid the embarrassment of living without teeth.

Getting Used to Immediate Dentures

The first time you put any style of denture in, it may feel unusual for a few days. This is not an indication of poorly fitting dentures. Your body must adjust to the feeling of something foreign in the mouth and learn how to eat and speak properly with the denture. This can take a few days but will soon subside. Our patients can chew, talk, and laugh comfortably with our high-quality immediate dentures.

Adjusting the Fit

Keeping your denture in place for the first 24 hours after surgery (including while sleeping), unless there is excessive bleeding or soreness acts as a bandage to help control bleeding, limit swelling and helps the healing process. It is important that you contact our office if your experience discomfort or if the immediate denture requires adjusting as you heal. We expect some changes and will have you return to our office to fine-tune your immediate denture until shrinkage has stabilized. At the 12-month mark, some of our patients opt to have premium dentures with porcelain teeth or partial flexi dentures placed at that time. Others do very well with our professional reline if shrinkage was minimal.

Myth #3 – Use Limitations

You may worry that your new immediate dentures are simply a cosmetic stop-gap until your permanent dentures are ready, limiting your ability to eat the foods you love or speak with confidence. This is more about getting used to wearing dentures than any limitations on them. You can enjoy life wearing your beautiful immediate/temporary dentures without others knowing you are wearing them once you allow yourself time to adjust to them. For the first few days, a soft diet is recommended so you can get used to chewing with dentures. Soon, you will be living life comfortably with the addition of a beautiful smile.

Myth #4 – Longevity

The better your dentures fit, the longer they will last. Be sure to contact our office when your dentures feel loose. We will schedule a time to adjust them and possibly reline them to accommodate changes in your gums and surrounding soft tissues, prolonging the life of your immediate/temporary dentures. Some of our patients experience minimal shrinkage and are happy with their immediate dentures and the fit after we reline them. With proper care, they were made to be durable. That said, all denture wearers should visit annually to assess the wear and fit of the denture and have an advanced oral cancer screening. Partial denture wearers should present more often for preventative care for any existing natural teeth.

Truly Temporary Dentures

When applied to dental prosthetics, the term “temporary” can be misleading. There true temporary dentures are flippers or flipper teeth and nesbits. Both are partial dentures made of acrylic to temporarily replace one, two, or three missing teeth. They are typically considered interim devices and are a cost effective option to hold the space of one or two missing teeth while you are making your long term plans. At the Denture Center, flipper teeth or a nesbit can be made While-U-Wait.

To learn more about the many options available to replace your missing teeth, including temporary dentures, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Advantages of Immediate Denture Placement

Immediate denture placement is one reason many dentists and oral surgeons refer their patients with missing teeth to The Denture Center. We are uniquely qualified to create attractive, functional dentures in our office that you can wear home the same day.

What is Immediate Denture Placement?

If you have had a tooth extraction, or you need to have oral surgery to extract teeth, look no further. You may have immediate dentures the same day as we extract your tooth/teeth, at the Denture Center, without worry that you will have to walk around for days, weeks or even months with no teeth or a gap in your teeth. Missing teeth for any length of time can be embarrassing, making you self-conscious and interfering with your ability to enjoy life and be productive. Immediate quality denture placement is a solution that gives you back your smile as quickly as possible. It is made of the same top of the line long-wearing materials as non immediate dentures. Still, nothing is more convenient or affordable than immediate denture replacement for your immediate needs.

Immediate Denture Placement

Most people are surprised to learn they can have a complete set of dentures made in just one day. At The Denture Center, we have provided everything from full dentures to dental flippers for patients with missing teeth for the past 45 years. While each person’s needs and experiences are different, the immediate denture placement procedure follows the same basic steps for everyone.

Tooth Extraction

We perform 1000’s of extractions each year for broken down teeth or teeth that cannot be restored and are New York’s place for same day quality dentures and Denture repairs since 1977. Dental care is provided for people each day that also need to add a tooth to an existing denture while they wait. No need to leave without their smile intact!

The Day of Your Immediate Denture Placement

The Denture Center strives to make your immediate dental placement procedure as pleasant as possible. You should set aside an entire day for the procedure, involving several steps. The obvious advantage is that you do not have to come back for multiple appointments or fittings.
You visit our office in the morning and leave that afternoon with a complete set of beautiful teeth.

The Denture Center Advantage

Many dentists and oral surgeons refer their patients to The Denture Center because we perform immediate custom denture placements in one day, which is a concern for many patients. Because you get your dentures sooner, you can eat, speak, and smile without being embarrassed about missing teeth. Your quality of life is much better, and you are more comfortable around others.

Immediate dental placement after dental extractions at the Denture Center also helps reduce swelling of the gums and surrounding tissue, which speeds up the healing process.

Is Immediate Denture Placement Permanent?

Immediate dentures are not permanent and do need either relining or replacing. After a year, when gum shrinkage has stabilized, you will need to have our renown cosmetic dentists and denture experts reline, refit, or replace the dentures to ensure a proper permanent fit. Getting your immediate denture relined or replaced at the twelve month point ensures maximum shrinkage stabilization for a better fit. If a reline is needed in the interim we accomplish that as well, while-u-wait. Our state-of-the-art, in house denture laboratory ensures that you won’t leave without your teeth.

Are Temporary Dentures Bulky?

There is a misconception that immediate dentures are considered, temporary dentures and that they are bulky and uncomfortable. While this may have been an issue in the past, dental technology has advanced dramatically over the years. Drs. Pasch, Yam and Shirzadnia along with our expert lab technicians are highly skilled professionals who craft immediate dentures that are sleek and comfortable. They are custom made of the same quality material as our other dentures; they are not really “temporary” dentures but you may experience significant gum shrinkage over the course of a year if you have undergone multiple extractions. Once again, that will require either a professional reline or denture replacement at our office. After shrinkage has stabilized, some of our patients opt to have premium dentures with porcelain teeth or partial flexi dentures placed at that time

What are the Most Natural Looking Dentures?

Porcelain dentures are the closest match to your natural teeth. Still, any well-made denture can look like your natural teeth, provided your dentist and the dental lab are experienced in working with removable teeth on a daily basis. We have over 45 years of experience creating natural-looking, comfortable dentures that are affordable. We carefully color match your natural teeth and craft teeth that have the texture and shape of natural teeth.

If you have missing teeth or have to have teeth extracted, we can take one worry off your mind. At the Denture Center, where we can create a beautiful, temporary denture you will be proud to wear. You will walk out the door with a lovely smile and be able to participate fully in life immediately.

Call Herald Square Dental and The Denture Center Phone Number 212-256-9978 for a free consultation regarding dental extractions, immediate dentures, including dental flippers or partial dentures. We can restore your smile in a single day, whether you are missing one tooth or the entire row of teeth.

A Free Denture Consultation Can Help You Choose the Right Dentures for You

If you’ve lost all, some, or most of your teeth, embarrassment and fear can make it difficult to move forward. Many people are concerned they won’t be happy with the results. You may be worried about the cost of dentures or overwhelmed by the many options available. Perhaps you’re afraid getting dentures is going to be frustrating and time-consuming. All of these feelings are normal. At Herald Square Dental and the Denture Center, we understand and offer a free denture consultation to everyone with missing teeth.

Learn why we offer free denture consultations. Discover the advantages of working with Herald Square Dental & The Denture Center, including the many denture options available, and find out.

Why We Offer Free Denture Consultations

Choosing the right denture or implant solution is one of the most important decisions you make when missing teeth. You want dentures that are comfortable, functional, attractive, and affordable. That’s a tall order, and there are a lot of options. It can be confusing. When you have your free denture consultation at Herald Square, we carefully explain the options, evaluate your overall and dental health, and answer all your questions. You will be able to make an informed decision with a result that fits your needs. Our goal is your satisfaction, improved health, and feeling of wellbeing. We don’t want anyone to go without dentures because they are confused or apprehensive. Our free consultation helps you take the first step toward restoring your smile.

Compassion & Understanding

Our dentists offer personalized care and attentive service. We understand that each person has their own concerns about getting dentures. The embarrassment of having missing teeth sometimes leads people to settle on dentures they do not like and that do not meet their needs. You may have been to a dentist in the past who insisted there is only one right solution for you. We never try to convince you to choose an option that doesn’t fit your budget or lifestyle. Everyone comes from a different experience, and we respect those experiences. We explain the options and offer support so you can choose the dentures or dental care that is right for you.

Taking the Time to Listen

We don’t just talk during a denture consultation; we listen. It’s easy to explain the different types of dentures and their cost; We take the time to listen to your questions and give you the answers you’re looking for. At your consultation, we evaluate your dental health, listen to your concerns, outline the available options, and explain the dental process.

Many Denture Options Available

We are the most respected denture and dental implant practice in the Greater Metropolitan Area, known for our impressive range of denture styles and our in-house lab. Our on-site laboratory custom crafts dentures for hundreds of patients every year. By making our dentures in-house we offer exceptional customization more affordably, including:

  • Same-Day Dentures
  • Extractions and Immediate Dentures
  • Overdentures
  • Implants and Overdentures
  • Premium Dentures (with porcelain teeth)
  • Full or Complete Dentures
  • Acrylic Partial Dentures
  • Partial Dentures with metal framework
  • Flexi Dentures
  • Flexi/Frame Dentures
  • Flippers
  • Nesbits
  • Denture Repairs & Denture Relines While-U-Wait

We work hard to provide you with quality dental care that is both time effective and cost effective. Rest assured, we will help you find a denture solution that works for you and your budget while giving you back your smile. That is why our referring Dentists, physicians and hospitals trust our practice to provide patients with convenient and customized denture solutions.

No Embarrassment, Lots of Support

In recent years, there has been a push to pressure patients into investing in permanent dental implants, even when patients are hesitant about the cost. For many patients, implants are not an affordable solution. For others, it is a personal choice, a matter of fear, or the integration time for implants. Some people opt not to have implants because of medical concerns. Whatever your reason, if dentures are the right choice for you, we take pride in our personalized care to assist you in restoring your smile.

If you’re embarrassed about the need for dentures, don’t be. When you choose to replace your missing teeth with quality dentures, you are in good company with folks in every career and profession across the board. Dentures have come a long way in the last four decades and are most often indistinguishable from your natural teeth. We help make you comfortable with your new smile and give you back the ability to eat, chew, laugh, and speak correctly with reclaimed confidence.

The Herald Square Dentures Advantage

You’ll learn about the Herald Square difference at your first appointment. Dr Yam or Dr Pasch will review optimal choices for your consideration in order to meet your particular needs. They explain the timeline and material options and associated cost. There is no judgment, no pressure, and no need to decide until you are ready to commit to a denture solution. Our first goal is for you to leave our office satisfied and confident with all your questions answered. Our second goal is for you to get the best dentures for you.

Other advantages at Herald Square Dental & The Denture Center include:

  • Same-day dentures at no additional cost
  • Free adjustments for the lifetime of your dentures
  • Significant cost savings
  • The in-house lab ensures a custom fit and same-day repairs and relines
  • Compassionate, respectful dentists and staff

Experience & Attention to Detail

Drs. Pasch and Yam are denture experts. They have decades of experience in designing and fitting dentures that exceed expectations. No step of the denture process is ignored, from your free denture consultation to the final fitting. A wax try-in is made before your final dentures to ensure our dentures look and feel natural. The new teeth are set in a moldable wax denture that gives you a preview of the final denture. At this time, we evaluate the appearance and the bite. If you have concerns, we will address them and make adjustments before the denture fabrication is completed. We consider this the most crucial step in ensuring your dentures are perfect for you.

Welcome to the New You

If you are embarrassed about your missing teeth, worried about the cost of dental implants and other solutions, or prefer the convenience and affordability of dentures, please call our office for a free denture consultation. You will be put at ease and treated with compassion and respect as you start your journey toward a beautiful, new smile that is comfortable and affordable.

Can I Replace All My Teeth with Dental Implants? Your Guide – 2022

Dental implants are the modern dental standard for tooth replacements, but can you replace all your teeth with dental implants? The answer is yes – but the real question is, how do you want to go about it? Modern dentistry offers several ways to replace most or all your teeth utilizing the benefits of dental implants.

Discover what you didn’t know about replacing all your teeth with dental implants. Learn about the available treatment options for replacing the teeth on your upper jaw, lower jaw, or full mouth. And find out how to improve your quality of life and restore your natural oral function with implant tooth replacements.

Can I Get All New Teeth With Dental Implants?

To answer the question – yes, you can replace every individual tooth in your mouth with a single-tooth dental implant replacement if you so choose. However, the cost of such a procedure would be prohibitively expensive and take an awfully long time. But single-tooth implants are not the best option for patients missing most or all their teeth.

The best way to permanently replace all your teeth on the upper or lower jaw is a full arch dental implant prosthesis. You may be wondering, “isn’t a full arch prosthesis just a denture?” An implant-supported prosthetic arch combines the best of both worlds and is only possible through modern technological advancements in implant dentistry.

Upper Jaw

An implant-supported upper arch is more comfortable than a removable denture because it securely holds the prosthesis in place while you speak and chew. The upper jawbone is softer and more sensitive to hot and cold than the lower jawbone. An implant-supported arch does not impede your sensitivity to food and beverage temperature.

Lower Jaw

Many patients find removable dentures on their lower jaw to cause discomfort because there is no palate on the lower jaw and, therefore, no suction to hold the denture in place. Instead, an implant-supported lower denture has a more natural feeling, aesthetic, and function. Best of all, the implants support your bite force so that you can return to a restriction-free diet.

Bone Resorption & Grafting

For a dental implant placement to be successful, there must be sufficient bone mass in the spot where the implant is going. Healthy bones continuously go through resorption and ossification, removing old bone and adding new bone (respectively). When you lose a tooth, your jawbone begins resorption, but ossification stops. If a tooth stays missing, the bone resorption can decrease your jawbone’s mass by 25% in the first year.

When there isn’t sufficient bone mass or support from the jawbone to place an implant, bone grafting or APRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) is essential. This provides new support for the implant where resorption has taken place by increasing the bone mass with bone from another source. In a single-tooth implant procedure, jawbone grafting is common, but the same is not true for full-mouth implant tooth replacements.

Tooth Replacement Options for All New Teeth

There is much less need for jawbone grafting in full-mouth implant procedures because only four dental implants can support a whole row of teeth. Often, patients don’t require bone grafting because the doctor can pick implant placement locations where the jawbone has sufficient density and volume. The options for replacing all your teeth with implants include:

All Teeth on Implants

An All-on-4 procedure uses four to eight dental implants to support a permanent full-arch prosthetic on the upper or lower jaw. An All-on-4 treatment often only takes one day for patients to get all new teeth. Your implant dentist or implant dental surgeon will help determine whether you are a suitable candidate for a teeth-in-a-day procedure.

Implant Dentures

An implant denture features two to six dental implants that secure a prosthesis on your jaw. The denture permanently fastens to the implants, which support your bite force against the jawbone when you chew and reduce your dietary restrictions.

Snap-On Dentures

Snap-on dentures work in a similar way to implant-retained dentures. Two to six dental implants support the prosthesis in your lower jaw. Snap-on dentures, however, are easy to snap in and out of your mouth, just like a removable denture. But, unlike a traditional removable denture, a snap-on denture stimulates healthy jawbone growth.

How to Choose the Best Treatment

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to restoring your teeth with dental implants. The best treatment for you depends on your individual needs, preferences, and the recommendation of your implant dentist. During your free in-person consultation, your doctor will help to determine your definitive treatment options based on your exam, needs, and desires.

Dental implants provide a foundation for prosthetic teeth that retain your natural oral functions and facial structure. Contact The Denture Center today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about replacing all your teeth with dental implants. Our in-house lab will fabricate your custom dentures right here, in our office, ensuring the minimal possible waiting period before getting your new teeth.

Contact The Denture Center today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about replacing all your teeth with dental implants.

Why Caring for Your Remaining Teeth Matters

Losing teeth is a natural part of aging, and although most of us find it to be an unfortunate fact of life, there’s no reason to lose hope as well. In fact, there’s every reason to celebrate the teeth you still have, especially those in your lower jaw. Now is the time to up your game when it comes to taking care of them.

Should you still attend regular cleanings for just a few remaining teeth? Absolutely! Are brushing and flossing still important? You bet! Read on to learn more about the importance of maintaining the care of your remaining teeth and how they enhance one’s quality of life.

How Partial Dentures Work

When you wear a complete or full upper denture, its retention depends on suction to your palate. Consequently, if you maintain and take care of remaining teeth on your upper arch, less of your palate needs to be covered since the remaining teeth provide an existing anchor. Even more importantly, we have no palate on our lower arch, so we depend on the integrity of our remaining teeth for the stability of a partial lower denture. That’s why it’s essential to keep those remaining teeth in tip-top shape.

Why Remaining Teeth Are Important

For the most comfortable and functional fit, lower partial dentures require attachment to strong, stable, and healthy teeth. The more remaining teeth, the better, so it’s crucial to attend cleanings and checkups at your New York City dentist to ensure the longevity of the few teeth you have left. Partial dentures are customized to fit your mouth and meet your unique needs, whether you’ve still got most of your teeth or just a few.

How Healthy Remaining Teeth Enhance Oral Health

It doesn’t matter if you have a full set of teeth or just a couple, caring for your teeth is caring for your gums. When you fail to care for your teeth, gum disease and inflammation can result. Our mouths are always changing, so making sure to visit your NYC dentist regularly will help to keep problems at bay and catch issues, like gum disease, early before they spiral out of control. Furthermore, it is advisable to have an annual oral cancer screening, preferably an advanced oral cancer screening that detects irregular cells before they can advance to actual cancer cells. Herald Square Dental and the Denture Center in Manhattan offers advanced Velscope screenings which take less than 10 minutes during a regular oral exam or a hygiene visit.

How to Keep Remaining Teeth Healthy

Brushing each tooth removes bacteria called plaque that tends to build up and cause cavities. Flossing prevents decay, so take care to floss your teeth every day. The hygienist removes tarter and plaque below the gum line and between teeth and may use medication when needed to prevent progression of gum disease. This is important now more than ever. As your teeth age, they require extra care. This goes for your gums too. And severe gum disease can lead to tooth loss. Brushing twice and flossing once daily and visiting your dentist and hygienist regularly are the best ways to keep your remaining teeth healthy.

Still have questions?

There’s no question about the value in protecting those last teeth. But if you’ve already lost all of your teeth, the optimal solution is implant supported dentures, especially for the lower arch. Although traditional dentures are a fine option for the upper arch, implants provide even more benefits, including leaving your palate uncovered and helping to maintain your jaw health.

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We Welcome Dr. Sharon Lee!

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Sharon Lee to our family here at Herald Square Dental and The Denture Center. We look forward to having Dr. Lee join us in providing your dental care.

Meet Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee shares her thoughts on empowering patients to achieve their dental health goals:

“My dental philosophy is providing compassionate care with an emphasis on patient education to provide a comfortable space for patients to start understanding their own dental health. I enjoy seeing and being a part of patients’ journeys as they ultimately gain agency and confidence in achieving and maintaining their smiles.”

Get to know our new doctor at Dr. Lee’s biography page.

How Much Is A Good Set Of Dentures?

A good set of teeth is a vital component of daily life, so a good set of dentures is a worthwhile investment if you are missing any teeth. At The Denture Center in New York City, we believe that no person should be walking around without a full compliment of teeth. In fact, we offer exceptional teeth replacement options that will fit your dental care budget, no matter the size. Providing you with the best smile possible at an affordable price is what we do best.

Which Are The Best Dentures?

The best dentures for you depend on your specific needs and preferences. In our state of-the-art Manhattan dental practice, all dentures are custom made in our in-house dental laboratory. If you need complete or partial dentures, flexi dentures, premium dentures, extractions and immediate dentures, replacement of your old dentures or implant-supported dentures, you can expect immediate and amazing results. You may even have a same day denture fabricated or a broken denture or loose denture professionally relined or repaired While-U-Wait.

What’s The Most Natural-Looking Denture?

There are several options for denture creation, but our Manhattan denture dentists use the golden standard in denture materials to ensure the outcomes are superior in quality and appearance. We simulate gum tissue and natural shading of teeth. Our patients tell us that their friends and family can’t even tell they’re wearing dentures.

What Type Of Dentist Is Best For Dentures?

Our experienced and renown dentists at the Denture Center, New York’s premier place for Quality Same Day teeth, Drs Pasch, Yam and Shirzadnia, are among the most proven and trusted dental professionals in New York. They are well known for their warmth and caring in addition to the precision work that is their hallmark.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Dentures?

The key to getting quality dentures is individualized treatment that we tailor to your needs. So, coming in for your free consultation to get a quote and a personalized solution is strongly encouraged. We are happy to provide you with a denture price quote over the phone if you are certain of your needs however, your free consultation in person for the fair and accurate cost including senior citizen and other discounts is always best.

Why The Denture Center?

Quality, Convenience and Affordability.

New Yorkers have relied upon us for preventative care and all aspects of general and cosmetic dental care as well as quality dentures for more than 45 years. In addition, we are leaders in implant dentistry! If you are missing one or more teeth, Herald Square Dental and the Denture Center’s mission is to provide you with treatment options to restore your healthy smile. Our proven prosthodontic techniques and personal attention mean that you can enjoy comfortable chewing again sooner, receive the best dentures possible with follow-up care and check-in calls included.

We welcome most insurance plans, and offer senior citizen and other special discounts as well as low monthly payment plans via Care Credit.

Your new comfortable, confident smile is right around the corner from New York’s Penn Station and we look forward to meeting you soon!

2021 End-Of-Year Benefits Reminder

Hold on, don’t let your end-of-year benefits go to waste!

Fall is upon us again and as we progress towards the end of the year, we would like to remind you to take advantage of any dental insurance benefits or Flexible Spending benefits that you may have left before they expire!

Your dental health is our number one priority and while treatment is never dictated by insurance benefits, if you have treatment that you have not scheduled, or are experiencing any dental concerns at all — now is a great time to come in and take advantage of any dental benefits you may have available! In addition to the dental benefit that you may have, you can also use your Visa FSA and MC FSA account; we also accept the CareCredit healthcare credit card to help you manage any additional costs.

With CareCredit, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Special financing options
  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Credit decision received almost immediately (subject to credit approval)

We are happy to discuss with you your dental insurance benefits, any incomplete treatment and the financing options with CareCredit. Please call the office at Herald Square Dental and The Denture Center Phone Number 212-256-9978 and our team will go over any details or questions with you.

Just call or text us at our office phone number, or click the button below, to schedule an appointment. Our schedule is filling up fast, don’t miss your opportunity to use your dental benefits this year!

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Smile Today with Same-Day Dentures!

Same-Day Teeth

Herald Square Dental & The Denture Center is New York‘s place for Quality Same Day Dentures, Repairs, and Relines for more than 40 years.

Since we opened our doors in 1977, we believe no one should be walking around without teeth and we offer several replacement options including dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures.

We understand that life gets busy; Work, family, friends, hobbies, and the unexpected all occupy our time, providing very little extra room for scheduling multiple appointments and waiting to replace your missing teeth.

That is why we have always invested in technology to provide more convenient patient experiences, including in our state-of-the art denture laboratory in our Manhattan office.

Our In-House Dental/Denture Laboratory Has Always Been Our Premiere Feature

We provide expert quality, precision dentistry and have always provided quality denture care with faster service for our patients by incorporating the ability to fabricate your new teeth right here in our office thereby avoiding the unnecessary waiting typically required elsewhere.

Your immediate denture or new denture can be completed in real-time, giving you the ability to have a wax try-in to see how they will look in advance of their completion so that we may alter anything to your satisfaction beforehand. We can reduce what typically takes 3-6 weeks into a single day of work.

Visit our office today and experience the affordable and time-saving benefits of dentures While-U-Wait, whether you need us to fabricate a new denture, do extractions and fabricate an immediate denture, repair, or reline your dentures for increased comfort.

Same Day Dentures FAQs

Can I Get My Teeth Pulled and Dentures in the Same Day?

Extractions and Dentures Same Day

At Herald Square Dental and the Denture Center, we go out of our way to ensure you don’t leave our office with missing teeth. So yes, you may have your teeth pulled and dentures fabricated and inserted the same day. You’ll arrive at our Manhattan office around 9am at which time we will begin gathering impressions and if unavoidable, perform extractions( oral surgery), first. Our renown cosmetic dentists in conjunction with our expert lab technicians will immediately set to work, creating your dentures, and we can insert them in the afternoon during that same appointment.

Is It Possible to Get Dentures in One Day?

Yes, we call Dentures in One Day “Dentures While-U-Wait” or “Same Day Dentures” at our New York Dental office. Our same-day denture patients begin the try-in process as soon as a few hours after having arrived in our office.

Can You Get Immediate Dentures?

Yes! Our expert cosmetic dentists make it a priority to offer the latest in dental technology to the NYC community, and we believe immediate dentures are often the best solution to a full arch of missing teeth or for partial dentures in many cases. Come in for an appointment for immediate dentures, and at the end of the day, we send you home with a set of beautiful teeth. Even premium dentures with porcelain teeth may be done the same day.

How Quickly May I Get New Dentures?

Our on-premises denture laboratory has made the turnaround time for a new set of dentures quick without compromising quality or cosmetics. Simply put, you can receive new teeth in one day. Drs. Pasch, Yam, and Shirzadnia and our expert technicians collaborate to create comfortable, natural-looking dentures within hours of your arrival in our office.

Is It Best to Get Immediate Dentures or Wait?

Latest research shows that immediate dentures aid in the healing process, so getting them as soon as your teeth are extracted is ideal. Immediate dentures protect your gums as they heal, and they minimize bleeding. After an extraction, your gums are at risk of developing a dry socket if the blood clot over the wound is accidently dislodged, but immediate dentures help prevent this condition by holding the clot in place.

Visit Our Office For The Denture Experience That Eliminates The Long And Uncomfortable Waiting Between Fittings!

Best Looking Dentures in New York City

The Herald Square Dental & The Denture Center Advantage

Missing teeth can be the source of your insecurities.

The collapsed bite caused by missing teeth can result in a squat and wrinkled face, greatly affecting your appearance.

With dentures, you can rediscover the confidence to smile.

We let our work speak for itself and we invite you to review the following dentures that left our patients smiling.

Our Patients’ Restored Smiles













Are You Ready to Smile With Confidence?