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What is a tooth flipper?

Flipper teeth are retainers or partial dentures with a tooth attached that sit on the roof of the mouth. Easily removeable, dental flippers are quite popular for those looking for a way to temporarily replace a tooth. These interim restorations are made with gum-colored acrylic to ensure optimal aesthetics.

Flipper Teeth at New York Denture Dental

We fabricate flipper dentures in our Manhattan office While-U-Wait, all in one visit. Our in-office lab makes it easy for us to provide you with a new prosthetic tooth in as little as an hour, so you can be back out in the world with a full set of teeth and a restored smile on your face the same day that you come in. We make it our goal to ensure your dental care is not only highest quality but also as convenient as possible for your busy schedule.

Am I a candidate for a dental flipper?

If you have had an extraction or bone grafting surgery and are in the midst of the healing period before dental implant placement is possible, dental flippers can help you maintain a natural, life-like aesthetic and chewing and speaking functionality.

Since dental implants are not recommended for children, flippers are an excellent option for young patients who have lost adult teeth due to a sport injury or another accident and can’t yet get an implant.

The best way to determine your candidacy is to come in for an evaluation with one of our teeth replacement experts.

Benefits of Flipper Teeth

The following advantages are provided by flipper teeth when you’re missing a tooth. A flipper tooth:

  • Improves aesthetics.
  • Eases your ability to speak and eat.
  • Holds spacing for a permanent restoration.
  • Goes in and out easily.
  • Prevents remaining dentition from shifting.
  • Is more affordable than permanent restorations.

Tooth Flipper Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a Nesbit partial and how is it different from a flipper?

A Nesbit partial is a removable denture that replaces a tooth in a dental arch much like a flipper, but a Nesbit partial replaces a tooth in the back of the mouth whereas flippers are primarily for front teeth. Nesbit dentures are secured by metal clasps to the molars on each side of the missing molar, and flipper teeth are secured to the palate via suction.

How much does a flipper tooth cost?

Since a flipper tooth is made of acrylic rather than porcelain or metal, it is more cost-effective than permanent options. Our goal is to make flipper teeth as affordable as possible, especially since they are temporary.

Can you get a flipper for one tooth?

Yes! In fact, a dental flipper usually has only one or two teeth attached.

How long can you wear a dental flipper?

Since these acrylic protheses are designed to be worn until the gums and bone can heal after an extraction or bone graft while you await your permanent teeth, our patients typically wear them for a couple of weeks to a couple of months. We recommend you wear them during the day and take them out at night.

Can I sleep with a flipper tooth?

No. Remove your flipper at night, clean it, and store it in water while you sleep. We may suggest you wear your flipper tooth 24 hours a day in the beginning to get used to it, but sleeping with it regularly could damage the partial and cause you to have dry mouth and develop gum disease, gum recession, or bone deterioration.

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