TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner

TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner for Enhanced Patient Experiences

TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner

With quick, accurate impressions, the 3Shape Trios® Ortho IntraOral Scanner transforms your dental visit into a high-tech experience for better efficiency, comfort and accuracy in creating crowns, bridges, and ClearCorrect clear aligners. Gone are the days where gooey impressions leave you uncomfortable and with a bad taste in your mouth – the Trios® scanner brings a modern approach to dentistry.


Benefits of the 3Shape Trios® Ortho IntraOral Scanner

  • High quality digital impression for an expert fit leads to better function and longevity of bridges, crowns and clear aligners.
  • Instant impression validation for reduced chair time.
  • Powder free scanning for less hassle and a better experience.
  • Digital technology for increased accuracy.
  • Better comfort overall than traditional methods.

For better looking, better feeling, and longer-lasting dental work, call us today to find out more about 3Shape Trios® Ortho IntraOral Scanner and additional technologies used in our office. The Denture Center Phone Number 212-256-9978