Snap-On Smiles New York City (NYC)

First impressions are everything, especially those made with your smile. So the next time you want to enter a room with complete confidence, pop in our office ahead of time and allow Dr. Shirzadnia to temporarily transform your smile in the easiest, most affordable way possible. A Snap-On-Smile is a removable dental arch that snaps over your teeth.

How it works

Snap-On Smiles are made of a thin yet very strong resin that fits right over your upper and lower existing teeth to give you a natural-looking smile.

The Process

This life-changing treatment only requires two short visits to our office and no drilling, shots, or change to your tooth structure.

  1. At the consultation, you choose the style and shade of our new smile, and Dr. Shirzadnia takes an impression of your teeth.
  2. After a short waiting period, you return for a final fitting, and then you walk out the door of our office wearing your new Snap-On Smile.

Am I a candidate for a Snap-On-Smile?

The truth is, a Snap-on-Smile is a cost-effective and simple fix for just about everyone. If you’re looking for a solution to the following problems, Snap-On-Smiles may be ideal for you. We recommend these removable Hollywood smiles to those who:

  • Have crooked, stained, or missing teeth.
  • Are not candidates for bridges or implants.
  • Cannot afford invasive dental procedures.
  • Experience anxiety about complex and uncomfortable dental procedures.
  • Would like an alternative to their old-fashioned removable partial dentures.

The Benefits of Snap-On-Smiles

Thousands of patients around the world experience the benefits of this affordable solution—a method that gives you the smile you want without all the hassle.

Snap-On-Smiles are:

  • Fast—2 dental visits
  • Painless—no anesthesia, shots, drilling
  • Affordable—much less expensive than invasive procedures
  • Convenient—no eating or drinking restrictions
  • Customized—tailored to match your needs and desires
  • Beautiful—the Hollywood smile you’ve always dreamed of

How do I care for my Snap-On-Smile?

Cleaning your Snap-on-Smile each night when you remove it will aid in the appliance’s longevity. Food and debris can get trapped in the device, so it is also important that you continue regular brushing and flossing of your teeth to prevent decay.

Cost of a Snap-On-Smile

The cost of a Snap-On-Smile depends on whether you choose to get a full or partial arch. When you come in for a consultation, we will explore all your options with and help you make an informed decision about what would be best for you. Because Snap-On-Smiles are generally used as cosmetic enhancements, they aren’t usually covered by insurance, but we will work with you to make sure you get the smile you deserve.

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