Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth With Dentures

dentures can help restore your smile

Benefits of replacing missing teeth with Dentures:

  • To improve your chewing or mastication, a significant aid to improving your digestion and overall health.  Eat the foods you enjoy again!
  • To restore the natural and pleasing appearance of your teeth.  Smile confidently, laugh, and just have fun again!
  • To correct your collapsed bite, filling out your lips and cheeks to recreate a more youthful appearance,  a wholesome look and more confidence you!
  • To replace your missing teeth so that you will be better able to pronounce words that require a full set of teeth in order to be understood clearly and for you to speak more confidently. Speak clearly again!

For decades, most of the major NYC hospitals and patient advocates have been sending their patients to us at Herald Square Dental and the Denture Center; They count on us to replace dentures or fabricate new dentures that have been accidentally thrown away during medical emergencies and inpatient hospital care, as well as to repair dentures that have been broken during hospital stays. They know that through our gentle, dental care and precision work, that the people they send will be extremely happy to have their smiles and teeth so expertly and quickly restored. Additionally, so many dentists refer patients to us because of our keen expertise in indentures and implant-supported dentures.

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