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Why Caring for Your Remaining Teeth Matters

Losing teeth is a natural part of aging, and although most of us find it to be an unfortunate fact of life, there’s no reason to lose hope as well. In fact, there’s every reason to celebrate the teeth you still have, especially those in your lower jaw. Now is the time to up your […]

We Welcome Dr. Sharon Lee!

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Sharon Lee to our family here at Herald Square Dental and The Denture Center. We look forward to having Dr. Lee join us in providing your dental care. Meet Dr. Lee Dr. Lee shares her thoughts on empowering patients to achieve their dental health goals: “My dental philosophy is […]

How Much Is A Good Set Of Dentures?

A good set of teeth is a vital component of daily life, so a good set of dentures is a worthwhile investment if you are missing any teeth. At The Denture Center in New York City, we believe that no person should be walking around without a full compliment of teeth. In fact, we offer […]