Non Surgical Root Canal Treatment

What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy is an extremely common procedure administered in order to relieve pain and save your tooth. Patients typically need a root canal when there is inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth. During root canal treatment, Dr. Pasch, Dr. Yam, Dr. Shirzadnia or Dr. Zwiebel, expertly and carefully remove the pulp inside the tooth, cleans, disinfects and shapes the root canals, and places a filling to seal the space.

Non surgical Root Canal Therapy has a 90% success rate overall! If your tooth is not amenable to endodontic treatment or the chance of success is unfavorable, you will be informed at the time of consultation or when a complication becomes evident during or after treatment. At Herald Square Dental and the Denture Center, we use local anesthesia to eliminate discomfort. In addition, we will provide nitrous oxide analgesia if indicated. You will be able to drive home after your treatment, and you probably will be comfortable returning to your normal routine.


The cost associated with this procedure varies depending on factors such as the severity of damage to the affected tooth and which tooth is affected. Different teeth have different numbers of canals. It is always advisable to try and save the affected natural tooth when possible. Our cost is reasonable, most insurance is welcome, the consultation is FREE and payment plans are available if qualified. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your dental needs. We understand that it is very difficult to function normally if you are experiencing dental pain and our team is here to help!

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