Adding Teeth to Existing Dentures

New York City, NY

When you replace missing teeth with a partial denture, chances are you’ll have another tooth to replace in the future. That’s just the way tooth loss tends to work-once it begins, it continues. The good news is that in many cases, partial dentures can support additional teeth.

Can I add teeth to my partial dentures?

There’s no easy yes-or-no answer for this question, because, just as all patients are unique, so are each of these cases. The best way to determine if your dentures are eligible to have another tooth added, they need to be evaluated by a dentist. We offer free consultations at our NYC Denture Center.

Natural Tooth Loss

The most common reasons you might lose a tooth, besides trauma or injury, are decay, gum disease, and other health related disorders. And when tooth loss is unavoidable, which is often the case, dentures of some variety are an excellent solution. Partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth and can be added to if need be. They are a removeable option that fit to your gums, secured by suction or clasps to adjacent teeth.

Broken Denture

At The Denture Center, we are usually able to add teeth to your existing denture if you find yourself with a broken tooth or damaged denture. We take into consideration the material of the denture, the position of the broken tooth, and the condition of your remaining teeth. Our on-site dental laboratory can do most denture repairs While-U-Wait, including adding teeth, laboratory relines and adjustments.

Denture Upgrade

Occasionally, it’s wisest to replace your partial denture completely rather than adding replacement teeth. Dentures tend to need adjustments, relines, or replacement as our mouths change and impact the way they fit. Our jawbone shrinks which leads to gum recession, also contributing to an ill fit. When there’s been enough change in your anatomy or damage to your denture, usually every 4-6 years, new dentures are recommended.

Need To Add Teeth To Your Denture?

Adjusting and repairing dentures yourself is a dangerous endeavor, as it can cause more harm to the denture and to your health. Call us if your denture cracks, chips, or breaks, or if one of the teeth come lose, and we will make any necessary denture repairs or adjustments.

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