Advantages of Immediate Denture Placement

Immediate denture placement is one reason many dentists and oral surgeons refer their patients with missing teeth to The Denture Center. We are uniquely qualified to create attractive, functional dentures in our office that you can wear home the same day.

What is Immediate Denture Placement?

If you have had a tooth extraction, or you need to have oral surgery to extract teeth, look no further. You may have immediate dentures the same day as we extract your tooth/teeth, at the Denture Center, without worry that you will have to walk around for days, weeks or even months with no teeth or a gap in your teeth. Missing teeth for any length of time can be embarrassing, making you self-conscious and interfering with your ability to enjoy life and be productive. Immediate quality denture placement is a solution that gives you back your smile as quickly as possible. It is made of the same top of the line long-wearing materials as non immediate dentures. Still, nothing is more convenient or affordable than immediate denture replacement for your immediate needs.

Immediate Denture Placement

Most people are surprised to learn they can have a complete set of dentures made in just one day. At The Denture Center, we have provided everything from full dentures to dental flippers for patients with missing teeth for the past 45 years. While each person’s needs and experiences are different, the immediate denture placement procedure follows the same basic steps for everyone.

Tooth Extraction

We perform 1000’s of extractions each year for broken down teeth or teeth that cannot be restored and are New York’s place for same day quality dentures and Denture repairs since 1977. Dental care is provided for people each day that also need to add a tooth to an existing denture while they wait. No need to leave without their smile intact!

The Day of Your Immediate Denture Placement

The Denture Center strives to make your immediate dental placement procedure as pleasant as possible. You should set aside an entire day for the procedure, involving several steps. The obvious advantage is that you do not have to come back for multiple appointments or fittings.
You visit our office in the morning and leave that afternoon with a complete set of beautiful teeth.

The Denture Center Advantage

Many dentists and oral surgeons refer their patients to The Denture Center because we perform immediate custom denture placements in one day, which is a concern for many patients. Because you get your dentures sooner, you can eat, speak, and smile without being embarrassed about missing teeth. Your quality of life is much better, and you are more comfortable around others.

Immediate dental placement after dental extractions at the Denture Center also helps reduce swelling of the gums and surrounding tissue, which speeds up the healing process.

Is Immediate Denture Placement Permanent?

Immediate dentures are not permanent and do need either relining or replacing. After a year, when gum shrinkage has stabilized, you will need to have our renown cosmetic dentists and denture experts reline, refit, or replace the dentures to ensure a proper permanent fit. Getting your immediate denture relined or replaced at the twelve month point ensures maximum shrinkage stabilization for a better fit. If a reline is needed in the interim we accomplish that as well, While-U-Wait. Our state-of-the-art, in house denture laboratory ensures that you won’t leave without your teeth.

Are Temporary Dentures Bulky?

There is a misconception that immediate dentures are considered, temporary dentures and that they are bulky and uncomfortable. While this may have been an issue in the past, dental technology has advanced dramatically over the years. Drs. Pasch, Yam and Shirzadnia along with our expert lab technicians are highly skilled professionals who craft immediate dentures that are sleek and comfortable. They are custom made of the same quality material as our other dentures; they are not really “temporary” dentures but you may experience significant gum shrinkage over the course of a year if you have undergone multiple extractions. Once again, that will require either a professional reline or denture replacement at our office. After shrinkage has stabilized, some of our patients opt to have premium dentures with porcelain teeth or partial flexi dentures placed at that time

What are the Most Natural Looking Dentures?

Porcelain dentures are the closest match to your natural teeth. Still, any well-made denture can look like your natural teeth, provided your dentist and the dental lab are experienced in working with removable teeth on a daily basis. We have over 45 years of experience creating natural-looking, comfortable dentures that are affordable. We carefully color match your natural teeth and craft teeth that have the texture and shape of natural teeth.

If you have missing teeth or have to have teeth extracted, we can take one worry off your mind. At the Denture Center, where we can create a beautiful, temporary denture you will be proud to wear. You will walk out the door with a lovely smile and be able to participate fully in life immediately.

Call The Denture Center Phone Number 212-256-9978 for a free consultation regarding dental extractions, immediate dentures, including dental flippers or partial dentures. We can restore your smile in a single day, whether you are missing one tooth or the entire row of teeth.