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When Ill-Fitting Dentures Lead to Oral Issues

Ill-fitting dentures can lead to other problems, including:

  • tissue overgrowth
  • ulcers
  • fungal infections
  • good old-fashioned irritation

Much of this occurs when food gets trapped and lead to plaque buildup.

All of this can cause obvious discomfort.

The Natural Wear and Tear of Dentures

In addition to natural changes in our mouths and the resulting issues of physical irritation, the appliances themselves can break down.

Everyday wear and tear along with the pressure that comes from chewing can lead to denture cracks and fractures.

When Eating with Dentures is Uncomfortable

If you have a tendency to remove your dentures in order to eat because they rub and cause soreness, there is something wrong.

They may just need a simple adjustment or they may need to be relined.

When this happens, give us a call immediately to schedule an exam so we may address the sore spots or prevent continued rocking of your appliance promptly. Once you leave with the relined or adjusted denture, it may take 24 hours to feel comfortable now that the rubbing and rocking have been remedied.

When Improper Care Damages Dentures

Additionally, The way in which you clean and care for your dentures can shorten their lifespan. Using hot water tends to warp the acrylic, and a hard-bristled toothbrush can damage the appliance.

Ready for your dentures to fit comfortably?

The best way to extend the life of your dentures is regular checkups, assessments, and adjustments at our New York City office.

If your denture is loose, rocks back and forth, and isn’t well seated, then it’s prone to breakage.

If you suffer with loose dentures come for an evaluation to see whether our laboratory reline While-U-Wait can quickly and comfortably remedy the situation.

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