Busting The Top 4 Temporary Denture Myths

It is cringe worthy when we hear the term “temporary denture” because it implies that a denture fabricated for immediate placement after tooth loss is uncomfortable, unattractive, and of poor quality.

Myth #1 – Quality Questions

At The Denture Center, we custom craft immediate dentures using the best material and attention to detail that is synonymous with quality. Because our dental practice features an in-house lab, we have been custom fabricating immediate dentures since our inception in 1977. Herald Square Dental and The Denture Center presents each individual patient with an immediate denture that fits well and recreates their natural smile. We always use the material, craftsmanship and detail that we are so well known for, when creating your immediate and sometimes inaccurately termed, “temporary denture”.

Myth #2 – Comfort Concerns

Our custom, quality immediate dentures are not really “temporary” dentures but you may experience significant gum shrinkage over the course of a year if you have undergone multiple extractions. Then it may require either a reline or replacement. Our immediate dentures are not designed before your teeth are extracted as they are at most dental offices. Our technique will allow you to go home with fully functional dentures the same day we extract teeth. Our expert cosmetic dentists and our in-house lab are what set us apart. You can enjoy your comfortable, new dentures the same day. Your beautiful immediate denture will allow you to avoid the embarrassment of living without teeth.

Getting Used to Immediate Dentures

The first time you put any style of denture in, it may feel unusual for a few days. This is not an indication of poorly fitting dentures. Your body must adjust to the feeling of something foreign in the mouth and learn how to eat and speak properly with the denture. This can take a few days but will soon subside. Our patients can chew, talk, and laugh comfortably with our high-quality immediate dentures.

Adjusting the Fit

Keeping your denture in place for the first 24 hours after surgery (including while sleeping), unless there is excessive bleeding or soreness acts as a bandage to help control bleeding, limit swelling and helps the healing process. It is important that you contact our office if your experience discomfort or if the immediate denture requires adjusting as you heal. We expect some changes and will have you return to our office to fine-tune your immediate denture until shrinkage has stabilized. At the 12-month mark, some of our patients opt to have premium dentures with porcelain teeth or partial flexi dentures placed at that time. Others do very well with our professional reline if shrinkage was minimal.

Myth #3 – Use Limitations

You may worry that your new immediate dentures are simply a cosmetic stop-gap until your permanent dentures are ready, limiting your ability to eat the foods you love or speak with confidence. This is more about getting used to wearing dentures than any limitations on them. You can enjoy life wearing your beautiful immediate/temporary dentures without others knowing you are wearing them once you allow yourself time to adjust to them. For the first few days, a soft diet is recommended so you can get used to chewing with dentures. Soon, you will be living life comfortably with the addition of a beautiful smile.

Myth #4 – Longevity

The better your dentures fit, the longer they will last. Be sure to contact our office when your dentures feel loose. We will schedule a time to adjust them and possibly reline them to accommodate changes in your gums and surrounding soft tissues, prolonging the life of your immediate/temporary dentures. Some of our patients experience minimal shrinkage and are happy with their immediate dentures and the fit after we reline them. With proper care, they were made to be durable. That said, all denture wearers should visit annually to assess the wear and fit of the denture and have an advanced oral cancer screening. Partial denture wearers should present more often for preventative care for any existing natural teeth.

Truly Temporary Dentures

When applied to dental prosthetics, the term “temporary” can be misleading. There true temporary dentures are flippers or flipper teeth and nesbits. Both are partial dentures made of acrylic to temporarily replace one, two, or three missing teeth. They are typically considered interim devices and are a cost effective option to hold the space of one or two missing teeth while you are making your long term plans. At the Denture Center, flipper teeth or a nesbit can be made While-U-Wait.

To learn more about the many options available to replace your missing teeth, including temporary dentures, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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