Celebrate the Summer in Style With a Gorgeous Smile

Life is a bit more relaxed and a lot more fun in the summertime. It’s the perfect time to try out some of the latest fashion and makeup trends. Whether you’re attending a wedding, checking out the sites on vacation, or hanging out with friends on the back patio, a gorgeous smile, and the latest beauty trends are the perfect accessories. At The Denture Center, we can help you achieve a beautiful smile with your new, fashionable look. Which of these warm weather style trends will you rock this year?

Dramatic Sunglasses

Oversized diva sunglasses are a huge hit on the beach and in upscale settings. Men and women love metallic, mirrored aviator glasses for their style and ability to protect the eyes. Embracing the past is also popular, with retro cat’s eye sunglasses and fabulous, jeweled versions at the top of the list. People are also wearing classic Wayfarers à la James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause.

Sunglasses draw attention to your face while concealing your eyes, so others will naturally look to your smile to gauge your mood. Premium dental implants are the only permanent, natural-looking solution for missing teeth and veneers are a miraculous upgrade for less-the-ideal teeth, giving you a gorgeous smile to compliment your oh-so-cool shades.

Glossy Lips and Glitzy Eyes

Summertime makeup is going full-on glam this summer, with glossy lips and eye makeup front and center. The shimmer and shine of glossy lipsticks and glitzy eyes naturally draw attention to your teeth. Don’t let damaged, decayed teeth dull the shine of your glossy makeup. When your teeth are framed by a bright, glossy hot pink or vibrant red lipstick, discolored or missing teeth are immediately noticeable. Visit The Denture Center for traditional dentures or implant-supported dentures worthy of framing with bold makeup choices.

Colorful Hair

If you’ve been longing to try out an unusual hair color, summer is the time to do it. Shades of lavender, pink, or blue are playful and fun, especially with casual, warm-weather clothing. Or go all out with custom ombre hair that gradually fades from one shade to another. If you’re adventurous enough for bold locks, be sure your smile has the wattage to match. Dental implants ensure your smile is just as youthful and vibrant as your hair color.

Summer Hats

Brimmed hats are easily the most practical summer fashion trend for 2023. Even fashion gurus acknowledge what sun damage can do to your skin. In response, the fashion-conscious are turning to wide-brimmed, stylish hats that shield the face while prominently drawing attention to your smile.

Raffia and straw hats with oversized brims, fedoras with ribbon trim, and Panama hats are being embraced by men and women. That deep brim may shield your skin and eyes, but your smile can still shine. At The Denture Center our premium dental implants give you beautiful, functional teeth and a dazzling smile, so you aren’t hiding your light under the brim of your hat.

Ready to rock the latest summer styles?

The Denture Center can restore your teeth and give you a comfortable and beautiful smile that’s the foundation for a truly stylish summer. Call our office to schedule a consultation.

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