COVID-19 Response

Dental Care in NYC During Coronavirus Pandemic

To provide much needed services to our community, Herald Square Dental and the Denture Center is open for regular dental care.

If you need dental care, please call our office at The Denture Center Phone Number 212-256-9978 during normal business hours to schedule an appointment. For the safety of our patients and our staff we will be adhering to strict social distancing regulations and strict infection control procedures. All treatment will be by appointment only and unaccompanied unless you have restricted mobility. You will be provided a mask and will be seated in a private treatment room upon arrival.

We hope you and your family are staying safe during this crisis. It is our honor and privilege to serve you!

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EOS Extraoral Suction System

The EOS system Aerosols and Droplets annihilator is designed and engineered to reduce droplet and aerosol spray that is an innate part of dental care. During dental procedures Droplets and Aerosols are passed on to the dentist and staff’s bodies.

Patient care and safety and health of the staff and the dentist is paramount, for the elimination of blood, aerosols and fine liquid particles. All of which are annihilated by the ADS EOS system.

Extraoral Suction System catalog
Extraoral Suction System flyer

The EOS system is employed when treatments produce aerosols and droplets, including fillings, crowns, bridges, and other restorations utilizing the dental drill.