Dentures While-U-Wait in NYC

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Even the best dentures break. And when this happens, whether it’s during a date or a Zoom meeting, getting them repaired suddenly becomes top priority. Not only are your speech and eating habits affected when dentures are damaged, but your appearance and self-confidence suffers as well. The sooner they can be fixed, the sooner you can carry on with your everyday life. The good news is that we can repair your dentures if they’re broken and reline them if they’re loose in our Manhattan office While-U-Wait.

Dentures Can Break

It’s not uncommon for dentures, like most things, to get dropped, stepped on, chewed by pets, and damaged by hard foods. Damage can happen during a meal or when you’ve accidentally left them out rather than storing them in a safe place, so dentures are not exempt from accidents. In fact, under certain circumstances, dentures can snap completely in half, chip, and even lose teeth. What’s most important to remember when this happens is to refrain from trying to fix them yourself. Attempting to do so can lead to more serious damage that would require completely new dentures rather than a repair or reline. The best thing you can do when your dentures break is contact us, and we’ll get you in as soon as possible for a same day denture repair While-U-Wait.

Convenience of an In-House Laboratory

How is it possible that we are able to repair your dentures in a matter of hours While-U-Wait? It’s our in-house laboratory that makes this convenient option a game changer. Unlike your average dental practice, our New York office fabricates, repairs, and relines dentures on site. That means repairs with us are affordable, timely, long-lasting, and quality.

One-Stop Solution

The benefits of an in-house lab range from dentist/technician collaboration to accessible skills and tools that we have on hand, all resulting in superior work and timely repairs that can happen all in one place: our NYC office. This allows you to return to normal life as quickly as possible.

Wait While We Make

Because we insist on providing only the highest quality prosthetics for our patients, we don’t perform chairside relines as many neighborhood dental practices do. Whereas a neighborhood dentist would need to take your denture and send it to a lab, we work our magic using a combination of highly trained and experienced lab technicians and premium dental tools in our lab to deliver genuine fabrications and repairs While-U-Wait comfortably in our waiting room.

Leave the office smiling!

When it comes to caring for your dental needs and missing teeth issues, we promise you won’t leave our office without teeth. Since we have specialized equipment and materials close at hand in our on-site lab, equipped with instrumentation specific to denture repairs and relines, we guarantee the restoration of your dentures and your smile quickly and precisely While-U-Wait.

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